8 week program -New!

Learn to nourish your body,

Ready to let go of food rules, embrace your body and learn to eat in a way that nourishes your body, mind and soul?

This 8 week program is designed for women who are sick of dieting, who are tired of worrying about their weight and who need help getting off the diet band-wagon. This program teaches you about nutrition, how to build a meal to make food satisfying and healthy and uses a cognitive behaviour therapy approach to teach you how to tune into your hunger and how to stop emotional and binge eating.

This program works whether you are vegan, lchf, vegetarian, are gluten free or have allergies or medical based food restrictions.

Each week has a set topic and a range of activities that you can choose from. It is designed to be flexible so you can choose the techniques and activities that suit you. You can take longer than 8 weeks to complete the course, you can skip a week, or take longer on a topic that you feel you need more time on.

By the end of the course, you will have learned how to:

  • build a nourishing meal, so it is healthy, satisfying and fulfilling
  • let go of food rules
  • recognise and listen to your hunger
  • identify the different types of hunger
  • know when to eat and how much
  • identify and understand foods with carbs, protein and fats
  • increase fitness in a way that is enjoyable and sustainable
  • eat with enjoyment
  • improve how you feel about your body
  • eat mindfully
  • treat yourself with compassion
  • strategies to cope when plans and goals don’t go your way
  • change your negative thoughts and feelings around food, your body and eating

  • Access to the online program for 6 months
  • Access to the online program for 6 months and
  • x3 20 minute individual zoom or phone consults