Seed Crackers

Seed crackers 1 cup linseeds, 1 cup seeds (sunflower, pumpkin and sesame). Whizz until fine. Put whizzed seeds in a bowl with 1 cup water, 2 tbsp savoury yeast, 1 cup roughly chopped seeds, salt, pepper, 1/4 cup oil, 1 tsp dry mustard. Mix well. Whizz one onion and lots of garlic. Add to mixture….

Tamari & Chilli Roasted Seeds

I’ve been making Christmas presents! This one is tamari and chilli roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds. In a wee tub (with lid) put tsp ish of peanut oil, tsp ish of tamari (or soy sauce) finely diced dried chillis (I used 2) and finely diced garlic. Put lid on, shake like mad, then mix in…