Fish Fingers

Fish Fingers are super easy to make and much healthier than the packet version! To make: Choose a firm fish such as Trevally, lemon fish, fresh tuna (Hoki is not great as its flaky). Dice fish into bite sized pieces or strips. Coat in flour of your choice pan fry in olive oil or butter….


Kokoda was one of my favourite dishes when we went to Fiji! Here’s my version In a dish with lid put: Fresh white fish chopped in small pieces (about 1 cm cube) I used 500 grams to feed 5 of us 1 ½ cups of lemon juice or enough to cover the fish. Place in…

Mini quiche

Mini Quiche This is an adaptation of a recipe I posted last week. Is super delicious and only takes minutes in the kitchen. To make: In a hot fry pan put: Wee bit of olive oil Place metal cookie cutter in pan Crack 1 egg inside cookie cutter Add a handful of chopped parsley and…

Cucumber, Salmon & Cream Cheese 'Crackers'

This is one of my favourite foods! Smoked salmon and cream cheese on slices of cucumber! Also works well with pesto, feta cheese, sliced olives and fresh herbs, anything you’d stick on a cracker really! Time in the kitchen: Under 5 minutes

Tuna Bites

Fish fingers! These are super easy to make and are great for dinner and the kids lunchboxes 😊 To make: use a thick non flakey fish (so it doesn’t fall apart) I used fresh tuna, but lemon fish would work too. Cut into bite sized pieces. In a clean plastic bag put in 2 tbsp…