Top Tips for raising healthy kids

Top Tips for raising healthy kids:

1. depending on age, kids need between 10 – 12 hours sleep

2. water is the preferred drink

3. follow the division of responsibility: it’s the parents job to provide the food at appropriate times. It’s the kiddies job to choose how much they eat from what is offered

4. avoid labeling food that places a value on it, like good, bad, toxic, junk, poison, even healthy and unhealthy aren’t great labels. All food is equal cucumber is no better or worse than any other food, even french fries! Food is food.

5. talk to kiddies about how awesome their body is, how it can do cool things, run, jump, play. Avoid talking to kiddies about weight, shape, pretty etc

6. talk about food in terms of how it makes our bodies feel, does it give us energy until the next meal, or leave us feeling super hungry an hour after? Does it feel good in our tummy? Did we enjoy eating it?

7. encourage kiddies to listen to their tummy voice and allow them to follow their appetite.

8. primary aged kiddies do not have the cognitive capacity to understand nutrition messages. For kiddies of this age group, focus on teaching eating competence, cooking skills, growing foods and exploring different tastes and textures.

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