17 nutrition myths busted!

Let’s bust some nutrition myths.

🥚eggs will not increase your cholesterol and give you a heart attack

☕️ coffee will not give you cancer

🥦Antioxidants in foods are great and may help prevent getting cancer. Antioxidants in supplements don’t work.

🍉 Vitamin supplements do not improve health or increase our life span (they’re best used when there are deficiencies only rather than a just in case)

🥥 Saturated fat will not clog your arteries and give you a heart attack – all saturated fats react differently in the body some are beneficial some are not.

🍞 Sugar and carbs will not give you diabetes and kill you.

🥐 Being gluten free, going keto, low carb, paleo etc is not necessarily healthier

🍒 There is no such thing as a ‘super food’ – this is just marketing genius

🍋 You don’t need to “detox” – your kidneys and liver do this job for you naturally

🍔 One food will not “make you fat”

🥣 Diets don’t work – calorie restricting makes you fatter

🧀 Full fat dairy (milk, yoghurt, cheese) is neutral to beneficial for health

🍷 Wine contains antioxidants in which are great for heart health, but you’d need to drink so much wine to reap these benefits you’d stuff your liver from the amount of alcohol

🥑 A well balanced gluten free diet will not increase your risk of diabetes.

🥔 Eating potatoes is not like eating spoon fulls of sugar

🍭 naturally occurring sugars in food is different than eating added sugars which are nutrient poor.

🥛Soy foods do not effect woman’s hormones (estrogen)

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