Ten Top Tips for feeding your family and keeping your sanity

1. Canelini beans hide very well in mashed potato and don’t change taste or texture.

Great if you prefer to eat lower carb but love your mash. Also great for adding in more fibre and protein to the kiddies dinner 😍

2. Keep meals simple, you don’t have to serve the family a fancy gourmet meal. Blanch or boil vegetables, serve leftovers, use tinned fish and beans, bake sausages and there’s nothing wrong with eggs on toast for tea!

3. Use frozen veges they have similar nutrition to fresh veggies and don’t need to be chopped!

4. Cook once – feed twice (or three times!). Make a big batch of beans or mince and use it for several dinners (spaghetti bolognaise, shepherds pie and nachos). No one will realise they’re eating the same food more than once.

5. Slow cook meals or soups. get them started in the morning so they are ready by dinner.

6. Make extra dinner so there’s enough for lunches the next day.

7. Grated veggies in cooked dishes can increase the amount of veggies your family gets at each meal.

8. Use different coloured veggies at each meal – the bright colours look attractive and offere a variety of nutrients.

9. Have “desperate dinners” in the freezer for emergencies or quick to make recipes with ingredients on hand for those days you need food in a hurry but really can’t be bothered. We have eggs, tuna and frozen veggies on hand for emergencies. Sausages and blanched broccoli is another instant go to.

10. When the oven is on chuck in potatoes and kumara for baked potatoes or kumara hot dogs for lunches. Or chuck in garlic and have roasted garlic on hand for flavour for meals.

and a bonus tip for the lol’s

11. Experiment with garlic, dried and fresh herbs and spices and nutritional yeast as they give flavour and reduce the need for adding salt.

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