Why Kiddies should not count calories

So this game popped up on my news feed….

It’s being advertised as an educational resource for teaching healthy eating 😱😱😱

Excuse me while I get my ranty-pants on!

Counting calories and matching the calories you’ve eaten, with burning calories off by doing certain exercises IS NOT helping kiddies learn about health and nutrition!

This just fuels
❎ disordered eating behaviours
❎ bad relationships with our body and with food
❎ guilt when eating certain foods
❎ promotes the diet culture
❎ takes the fun out of exercise! And eating!

Instead teach kiddies
✔️ to listen to their tummy (to eat when hungry, stop when satisfied and choose foods that make their body feel good)
✔️ to enjoy exercise and understand it is healthy for our body by making it stronger and able to do amazing things (like be a Ninja Warrior: my girls love Jessie Graf, for her incredible strength and amazing ability, we never talk about how she looks in her outfits! Just saying!)
✔️ to enjoy food and the social life which surrounds food, meals and special occasions
✔️ to eat mindfully
✔️ to grow, prepare and cook healthy food

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The moral of the story? Teach kiddies what healthy food and exercise does to make our body WORK better. Teach them to eat intuitively and enjoy food because it’s delicious and exercise because its fun! (not because you just ate an apple and ‘need to work it off’ 😱😱😱

Worried about your kiddies weight, eating behaviour’s, fussiness or health? Contact me for a one on one consult.

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