Easter Eggs and everything Chocolate

Easter eggs!

Every year I post this pic up! It is SUCH a good demonstration of how much sugar can be in these products. The mini egg is literally a smaller size than the two teaspoons of brown sugar. It was a huge learning moment for Mr 12, who could not understand how THAT much sugar could fit into one tiny egg. 2 tsps of sugar for one small creme egg, 6 tsps for the large Creme eggs and 6 tsps of sugar for large marshmallow eggs.

I recommend that you shop around for better quality chocolate and ones that have less sugar in them than others……

So here’s my guide to reading Easter egg labels:

✔️ When shopping for Easter eggs I recommend you check the ingredients label. Good quality chocolate will have sugar as the 3rd or 4th ingredient (not the 1st). The first ingredients should be cocoa mass, cocoa powder, cocoa butter and / or cocoa solids. If sugar is the first ingredient or if it contains vegetable oil it’s not proper chocolate! And imo is not worth eating 😉

✔️ Read the label. Look at the amount of sugars, divide by 4 and that’s how many teaspoons of sugar is in the chocolate. There may be similar types of chocolate eggs that have less sugar but still be just as pleasurable……

Which leads time to the most important point….

If your favourites are loaded with sugar, like these creme eggs and you don’t want to miss out, or having another option, say a carob button, just will NOT satisfy you, then just eat them! And enjoy every mouthful. Eating is a wonderful, pleasurable experience and food is not only about nutrition, it’s about traditions, celebrations and sharing it with loved ones 🐰🐇🐥🐤 so celebrate and enjoy xx

Moral of the story?

We need to be aware of what’s in our food and what we are eating. So read labels, check ingredients lists and make sure you are informed. Sometimes swapping one product for another can make a massive difference. But eating needs to be enjoyable, especially during celebrations. So if your favourite food is not that healthy and the healthier versions just don’t do it for you, then don’t sweat it. Food is Food and life is for enjoying.