Chocolate Easter Eggs with Caramel Fillings

Look What The Easter Bunny has brought us!

Caramel filled Easter Eggs.

Pictured above: Peanut butter fudge caramel. below: coffee caramels. But any flavour can be made, the same base recipe can be used and adjusted slightly to make it dairy free or to flash up the flavours.

I bought silicone Easter Egg moulds from Spotlight.

Make sure the silicone mould is completely dry. Place in the freezer for 5 minutes. this helps the chocolate to set when you pour it in.

To make it DF & vegan sub the butter and cream for coconut oil and coconut cream.

To make:

Step One: Make the chocolate moulds

In a bain marie gently melt:
50 grams of butter or coconut oil
100 grams of dark chocolate – the darker the chocolate the less the overall sugar content. I use 85% cocoa and the sugar content is 6 teaspoons for 1 batch – about 1/3 tsp per chocolate.

When melted mix well.

Take silicone moulds out of the freezer.

Pour chocolate in silicone moulds.

Use a small spatula or spoon (or your finger!) to spread the chocolate up the sides.

Step Two: Make the caramel

In a pot gently bring to the boil (if you are using coconut oil, just let it melt)
75 grams of butter or coconut oil
1-2 tbsp of dark brown sugar or honey

Add your flavour. Try one of the following:

1. vanilla seeds from two vanilla pods + 1 tsp of vanilla essence
2. peppermint oil

3. 1 tbsp of very strong coffee

4. 2 tbsp of peanut or almond butter

5. freeze dried raspberries

6. 1 tbsp of very strong coffee

Add 5 tbsp of thick coconut cream or cream.

Stir and allow to bubble for 2-3 minutes, or until thick and golden looking.

When you dip a spoon in, it should cool immediately and coat the spoon without dribbling off.

While still hot, pour on top of melted chocolate. Cover the base with melted chocolate.

To stick two Easter egg halves together, when both set, simply spread a bit of melted chocolate on one flat size and press the two halves together.

Refrigerate to set.

Makes around 15 – 20 chocolates.