Stuffed Purple Eggs

Stuffed Purple Eggs.

I pinched this idea from a restaurant I went to about a month ago and modified it to suit what I had in my cupboard 😌…. An idea worth stealing, they were delicious!

To make purple eggs:

Hard boil an egg. Peel off shell. Soak in beetroot juice and/or ruby sauerkraut juice for anywhere between 3 minutes and 2 days (up to 4 days in sauerkraut juice, because it has good bugs in which preserve the egg).

Time in the kitchen: under 10 minutes 😋

To stuff the egg:

Slice the egg in half, lengthways.
Scoop out the yolk and put in a small bowl.
Add a couple of tbsps of aioli and a handful of chopped fresh basil.
Mix well.
Spoon into purple eggs. Top with smoked salmon.

Time in the kitchen: under 10 minutes 😊