Egg Free Chocolate and Berry Mousse

Chocolate and Berry Mousse

Egg free and low sugar.

To make the chocolate mousse:

Melt 60 grams of dark chocolate and 35 grams of butter.

Aquafaba: With electric egg beaters beat the brine/spring water from a tin of chickpeas with 1 tsp of vanilla essence and 1 tbsp of sugar. Beat for about 10 minutes until thick.

Stir in the melted chocolate with 4 cups of aquafaba. Refrigerate to set.

To make the raspberry mousse:

Use a stick blender or food processor to whizz 1 cup of berries.

In a bowl put 2 cups of aquafaba and the whizzed berries. Mix for 2-4 minutes with electric egg beaters. Serve.

Time in the kitchen: 15 minutes.