Why making your kiddy their very own recipe book is a GREAT idea!

When Miss 10 was a wee thing we made her a recipe book. Complete with recipes she’d helped make and pictures of her doing it.

Why? To teach her to love food and be more open to trying new foods….

….that’s a nice way of saying: “to stop her being a fussy pain in the bum at the dinner table!” 😂

…. because she refused most vegetables and would only eat “small meat” (mince) and if I had let her she would have lived on pasta and marshmallows!

Sound familiar anyone?! 😲😳😱😳😵

The other benefits of this recipe book (and the process of making it) was to:

✔️Help build her confidence
✔️Give her cooking skills: cutting, grating, chopping, mixing etc.
✔️ Teach her about measuring (math and hand eye co-ordination!)
✔️Teach her how to read recipes and measurements.

This book has long since been forgotten about, but Miss 10 rediscovered it this morning. And ya know what? Its STILL giving her confidence, because even though she doesn’t remember making half of those recipes, she has the attitude that if she did it then, she can DEFINITELY make it now!

So, she’s busy planning my birthday cake using her recipe book, and I think we will start adding recipes into it again…..

…. but maybe change the recipe focus from baking and ice cream to making healthy meals 😂 😀 😍

#Foodjournies #fussykids