Kokoda was one of my favourite dishes when we went to Fiji! Here’s my version

In a dish with lid put:
Fresh white fish chopped in small pieces (about 1 cm cube) I used 500 grams to feed 5 of us
1 ½ cups of lemon juice or enough to cover the fish.
Place in the fridge overnight or until the fish is white and “cooked”

1 tsp of fish sauce
2 Cloves of Grated garlic
1 piece of fresh ginger peeled and grated finely
2 cups of chopped coriander
Cracked pepper
400ml of coconut cream
4 carrots grated
2 red onions finely diced
Any other vegetables you fancy.
Spring onions and chilli (optional)

Mix well

No cooking required! And the kids loved it 😍 win!!!