Conversations I’ve had with my daughters

Conversation’s I’ve had with my daughters this week about my body:

Conversation #1
Miss 8: Mum your tummy is wrinkly like an old mans face
Me: Of course it is. I. Had. THREE. Kids! That means my stomach stretched out three times and now my skin is loose. This is a normal mummy tummy!

Conversation #2
Miss 10: Mum, why is your button of your jeans undone?
Me: Because my jeans are too tight and this is more comfortable.
Miss 10: Why?
Me: Because I’ve put on weight and now my jeans don’t fit that well anymore
Miss 10: Really?! How come?
Me: *shrugs* Don’t know (this is a lie. I’ve been eating a lot of biscuits, but she doesn’t need to know that πŸ˜‚) And I don’t care! (I actually don’t care, is so freeing). Next winter, I’ll just buy new jeans that fit better. (or eat less biscuits but she doesn’t need to know that either!)

Conversation #3
Miss 8: Mum you have a wobbly bum.
Me: I love my wobbly bottom. Its perfect for twerking *starts twerking*

Moral of the story?

Our kiddies are taught in a million different ways, through the media and society that “thin is good” and “fat is bad”.

They are told again and again that our bodies are supposed to look a certain way (thin, muscular, tan, etc etc…)

These messages come from many different places, including some unexpected ones. For example, our Pediatrician told Miss 10 that it’s good she is very thin (even though her growth is affected, her immune system is suppressed and she feels cold all the time) but it WOULD matter if she was “too fat”. Then there are the more obvious places women’s magazines, social media, gym adverts, the weight loss industry, Hollywood…..

So I am trying to combat all this and teach my girls:

πŸ‘— Body positivity

πŸ‘— What real bodies ACTUALLY look like

πŸ‘— It’s ok to put on weight

πŸ‘— It’s ok to have wobbly bits and to have a wrinkly tummy.

πŸ‘— It’s ok to be comfortable in your own skin.

πŸ‘— It’s ok to not try and be what society tells us is “beautiful”.

Because I want my girls to be comfortable in their own skin, to achieve happiness and confidence. Not six packs and thigh gaps.