Rice Porridge

Breakfast on a Budget: Rice pudding!

4 cups (ish) rice
2 litres (ish) milk (can use part water if you want – I use full fat milk to help keep the kids fuller for longer and curb that dreaded sugar spike from the rice)
1 tin of coconut cream
pinch of salt

Bang in slow cooker for about 2 hours and stir occasionally. Cook until soft and no liquid left.

This lasts over a week in the fridge – simply heat, top with nuts, seeds, fruit, yoghurt etc and serve 🙂

Time in the kitchen 2 minutes plus cook time

Tip #1: I find it easier to turn the slow cooker off when there’s a wee bit of liquid left on the top and leave it sitting to finish cooking, gets a good consistency without burning the bottom 🙂

Tip #2 General rule of thumb when cooking rice is 1 cup white rice to 2 cups liquid. Add an extra half a cup of liquid for brown rice.