Millet Porridge

Miss 7 has been a fussy breakfast eater. It’s mainly a power thing where she wants to choose what she eats for breakfast and she wants variety.

So yesterday she made this morning’s breakfast and we only made a small amount so she doesn’t get taste fatigue and decide she doesn’t like it.

Banana and raspberry millet porridge

To make:

1 cup dried millet grains
3 cups milk or df alternative
1 can coconut cream
1 cup dessicated coconut
1 cup frozen raspberries
2 mashed bananas

Put all ingredients in the slow cooker or a casserole dish. Mix well.
Cook for 2 hours (in oven or slow cooker) on a low heat or until millet soft and liquid cooked off. Stir occasionally while cooking.

Time in the kitchen: 5 minutes prep time + cook time 😊

Serves 8. Cost per serve: 80 cents.